Invisalign AlignersThe days of relying on conventional braces to correct crooked teeth are long gone. Teens are now shifting to Invisalign to remedy crooked teeth as well as gapped teeth. Invisalign aligners provide a number of benefits compared to traditional braces. Below, we flesh out these benefits in detail to show why Invisalign is the solution for just about every teenager’s crooked or improperly spaced teeth.

The Smile Aide no one Notices

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to smile widely in the midst of a gradual teeth-straightening and have no one know you are going through orthodontic treatment? Opt for Invisalign1 and you will not feel even slightly self-conscious about how your teeth look. The unnoticeable aesthetic of this all-natural solution for crooked teeth is perfect for teenagers who tend to be more self-conscious than adults. After all, the last thing you or your teenage son or daughter should have to worry about is wearing ugly braces to school and other public places.

Take the Invisalign route and no one will have any idea your teen is using aligners to correct his or her crooked teeth. The end result will be a happier and much more confident teen who is more outgoing in social settings. This way, your teen won't be hesitant to smile when meeting others. In the end, a reliance on Invisalign aligners, as opposed to comparably unsightly braces, just might make the difference between a highly social teenager who makes lifelong connections and a lonely one lacking social support.

The Invisalign Process is Comparably Easy

Ask anyone who has been fitted for braces about the process and you will be inundated with complaints. The process is even worse for teenagers who are impatient, hormonal and not exactly eager to give in to an authority figure, whether it is a parent or a dentist. Opt for Invisalign and your teen won't have to spend nearly as much time at the dentist's office. This system is reliant upon a three-dimensional computer image of the patient's mouth. The creation of personalized Invisalign aligner trays is non-invasive and quite tidy compared to the messy process required for traditional impressions. Our digital imaging system is nowhere near as intrusive as the two-dimensional x-rays most people are used to. If your teen is claustrophobic, he or she will not have to worry as our computer-aided design technology creates an open environment for complete comfort. Dr. Cordoba a Lake Mary orthodontist, adds that with Invisalign teens wont have to visit the dentist as often as they would have to if they had traditional braces.

A Shorter Treatment Time

Invisalign typically takes a year's time to work its magic. However, it might take a bit longer for youngsters if they are unwilling to adhere to the dentist's treatment instructions. Even if Invisalign takes a month or two longer for your teen's mouth, it will not be nearly as long as the couple years required for traditional braces to straighten teeth.

A Completely Comfortable Smile Solution

Teens have enough to worry about aside from their teeth. From academics to relationships, making and keeping friends, learning to drive and so on, teens have plenty on their minds. The last thing you or your youngster should have to be concerned with is whether their teeth-straightening solution is aggravating the gums or causing unnecessary discomfort.

Invisalign aligners are designed with incredibly smooth edges. This design makes the aligners that much more comfortable than regular braces. Once your teen wears his or her Invisalign aligners for a couple of days, they will feel completely normal. Your teen won't have to worry about any type of lisp or other speech impediment resulting from the Invisalign aligners. If there is any initial sensitivity to the aligners, it will pass in a couple days' time. So don't fret if there is slight discomfort at the outset of the process. This sensation is an indication the teeth are gradually being shifted into the ideal positions.

No Worries About Food Becoming Trapped

Those who use traditional braces often find food is trapped within the wires and brackets. This is problematic as the buildup of food makes it that much more likely that plaque and tartar rife with bacteria will develop in the mouth, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. It is even possible for such infections to move to other body sites, heightening the chances of a heart issue, a respiratory problem, and even diabetes.

Improved Control for Ideal Placement

Every teen is self-conscious about his or her looks. These youngsters deserve the chance to reach their aesthetic potential with the use of Invisalign aligners. The aligners gradually move teeth into the proper position through the application of just the right pressure at the optimal moments in time. The teeth are not moved in unison; rather, they are moved in a highly strategic and gradual manner that allows the dentist to retain the utmost control. The end result is the perfect repositioning of teeth without a long wait.

Your Teen can Still Play Sports and Instruments

Dentists and orthodontists often discourage their teen patients from playing sports and instruments when braces are in use. Choose Invisalign and you will have no such worry. Your teen can play hockey, soccer, football and any brass instrument he or she desires when wearing Invisalign. While braces have to remain in the mouth at all times, Invisalign aligners can be removed as necessary.

As long as these aligners are worn for 22 hours a day, every single day, they will guide the teeth into the ideal positions in the mouth. Alternatively, your teen can elect to keep his or her Invisalign aligners in place while playing sports or an instrument. This is the freedom every teen deserves amidst the teeth-straightening process.

Smile Hawaii 21st Century Dentistry is on Your Side

Are you the parent of a teenager or a teen looking for a teeth-straightening solution? Invisalign is the answer. There is no need to bother with braces when our office can customize Invisalign aligners for your unique teeth. Give our oral health experts a call at 808-877-8090 to learn more about our dentistry services and schedule an appointment2.