Laser Assisted Periodontal TherapyLaser Assisted Periodontal Therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that is used to treat gum disease. This form of therapy uses a laser with a specific wavelength that is utilized to first target and then destroys the tissue that is affected by the disease and terminates the underlying bacterial that has accumulated within the periodontal pockets. The precision of this dental procedure allows for the removal of the diseased tissue and the overall benefit of it is that after the procedure there is less discomfort and a faster recovery.

With Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy or LAPT, no tissues are cut away from the gums or even the bone. What happens is that the laser uses a combination of energy to provide a gentler treatment that helps in the protection of the healthy tissue while minimizing pain and discomfort at the same time.

The Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy Procedure

On the date of your appointment, the dentist will first review your medical history and conduct an oral examination to view the overall condition of the gums. There will be an assessment of the severity of the gum disease that is affecting the teeth that will be made by using pocket probes and other tools. The dentist will ask about any underlying problems that you may be having and will answer any questions or concerns you may have. At this time, it is important to speak to your dentist and let them know how gum disease is affecting you or any other dental problems that you have recently encountered. This will allow the dentist to know about your history of dental problems and it will become easier to develop a solution for you.

The Digital X-rays

With digital X-rays, the doctor will be able to provide you with information which will lead to your overall plan of treatment. From the X-rays, it will be easier to decipher the amount of bone loss that has occurred due to gum disease so that the dentist can see the height of the jawbone during the visual examination process. After looking at the x-rays the doctor will devise a form of treatment that will be according to your needs and will also help in the preservation of the bone that has been left behind.

The Disinfection of Bacteria

The dentist will first anesthetize the area and then use a laser to prepare a trough along the gums and the teeth. The purpose of the trough is to allow visibility and provide access to the diseased tissue so that it is possible to remove the diseased tissue and easily be able to eliminate bacteria deposits that have formed on the roots of your teeth.

Removal of Calculus

The laser will then be set to remove the plaque deposits from the root of the tooth. During this process, the dentist will use a microscope to closely view the region until the surface of the root is entirely clean. The laser will be used to smooth out the surface of the root, which will help in discouraging plaque and encourage the attachment of the gum tissue to the tooth.

Sealing of the Pocket

The dentist will seal up the pockets that are left with surgical glue so that debris cannot enter and interfere with the overall healing process of the periodontal pocket.

Advanced Periodontitis-Laster Flap Surgery

In cases in which the doctor notices that there is an extreme case of periodontitis, they advise that there is a need to create flaps in the gum tissues and around the infected teeth. The flap will allow it to gain unrestricted access within the deep pockets. The laser will be utilized in the removal of the diseased tissue and calculus which will be for smoothing out the root. This will provide a cleaner appearance and will help in the healing of the area which has been greatly damaged.

Healthier Gums

LAPT is used for eliminating gum disease without harming other tissues nearby. The end results are mindboggling as the individual is left with healthier gums and more tooth structure and bone. The laser is extremely effective as it sterilizes the region and removes the gum diseased tissue while serving as a sealing clot that prevents infection.

Fast Recovery Process

The process of recovery after treatment is very quick as it takes around twenty-four hours to go back to normal daily routines. This way you will not have to lose any time off work. There are even situations in which patients feel ready to go back to routine right after the entire procedure.

Benefits of LAPT

With Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy your body will want to naturally heal itself as the diseased part of the tissue is removed while the healthy tissue is preserved. This is quite effective as it gives the healthy tissue a chance to grow back. As the dentist finishes out the process they will apply the laser one last time to finally clear the sterilized area and seal it. This will prevent the infection from occurring again and promote an environment which will make it highly possible for the bone to regenerate once again.

Enhanced Appearance of the Gums

With Periodontal Therapy the appearance of the gums will be greatly improved and will make it possible for you to smile with confidence. It will allow you to go out in public with the utmost happiness about the treatment that you have received. In the end, the procedure is well worth it and will provide you with results that you have always wanted. It is essential that you first talk to your dentist and explain to them the complications that you are having so that they can decipher if the Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy is right for you. After the procedure is all complete the dentist will recommend that you take great care of your teeth while brushing and flossing regularly so that periodontal disease can be prevented from occurring in the future.