Invisalign Clear Aligners can give you the smile you always wanted!Invisalign clear aligners are becoming quite popular among the public as people tend to prefer a straightening solution that goes unnoticeable. These clear aligners are constructed out of a polyurethane plastic that is designed to attach to the teeth and can be removed when needed for purposes such as for eating, brushing, flossing, etc. If you are interested in clear aligners speak to your dentist so you can discuss if this option is right for you. Explain to your dentist that you are searching for a solution that will provide you with maximum results and at the same time will go unnoticed. If you have never heard of Invisalign clear aligners it is important to learn about them and see their benefits of how they can alter your smile just like the traditional braces. Some of the ways that these aligners can change your smile into one that radiates wherever you go are:

Increased Oral Hygiene: The reason that these clear aligners are great is that they are an orthodontic appliance that can be removed. If an individual wants they can take them right off to brush the teeth, which is a lot easier than traditional braces which must be worn for many years.

It’s a Secret: If you are the type of person that likes to keep your orthodontic treatment a secret, then this is the best option for you. If you feel as if braces make you look a lot less attractive, then Invisalign Clear Aligners are great as no one will notice that you are getting any form of dental treatment for your misaligned teeth.

More Food Options: With traditional braces, you may have restrictions on what you can eat and what all you must do to avoid damaging your braces. With clear aligners, you will still be able to bite into that yummy apple or even enjoy that delicious crispy pizza without having to worry about food getting stuck in the metal wires. It also saves the embarrassment of someone having to tell you that you have food stuck in your braces.

Increased Level of Comfort: Invisalign clear aligners are extremely comfortable, and you can go about your daily routine as normal without feeling uneasy. They are made from a soft plastic that will not irritate the soft tissues in the mouth, as the metal wiring from traditional braces would.

Provide Teeth Grinding Protection: If you are the type of person that has an excessive tooth grinding or even a clenching habit, then the clear aligners will function as a type of nightguard that will protect the teeth so that they do not undergo excessive wear.

The clear aligners have become quite a popular trend due to the technology that has been improving over the course of many years. These aligners are now even able to correct malocclusions that were almost impossible to treat with this option.

How Does It Work?

The Invisalign clear aligners work absolutely the same way that braces do. Their ultimate purpose is to apply a controlled force to the teeth so that they can move into the right position. The biggest difference between the two is that one is made of metal and shows every time you smile, while the other is made from flexible plastic and proves to be unnoticeable. Through a specialized computer technology, there is a design plan that is set forth for helping to move the teeth from the current positions in the form of aligned that is best. To reach this desired location, the movements are broken down into small stages. These movements are divided into a dozen stages and for each one of the phases, the company creates two plastic trays also known as aligners that will fit over the top and the bottom portion of the teeth. These set of trays must be worn for the course of two to three weeks for approximately twenty hours a day. After this time, you will be instructed by your healthcare provider to move on to the next set of aligners in the series to help in gradual movement of the teeth into appropriate positions. This process will continue until all the teeth are in the right position and the alignment is near perfect to give you that beautiful shining smile!

In the past years, there have been some advanced features that have been added to make Invisalign a lot more appropriate for people of all age groups. There has been an orthodontic treatment method for teenagers that includes eruption tabs which hold the right amount of space between the molars that have not fully grown in. The Invisalign that is designed for teens also comes with built-in compliance indicators that fade away throughout the course of time. This process makes it a lot easier for parents, professional dentists, and teens of all ages to make sure that the trays are being worn as they are prescribed to achieve maximum results.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

When you take great care of your teeth, then you are bound to get the best results from the Invisalign clear aligners. Their main advantage is that they have clear trays that can be easily removed to make the cleaning process a lot easier. If you would like to get that beautiful smile, make sure that you brush your teeth after each meal so that food does not get trapped into the aligners. If you do not clean your aligners regularly it could cause some significant tooth decay and even lead to gum disease. You must carefully clean your aligners by washing them with lukewarm water and slowly brushing them and rinsing them. When you rely on aligners keep in mind that they are a lot different from wearing the traditional braces. After the overall treatment process, you will be required to wear retainers as prescribed by the dentist so that you can protect the overall investment that you put into obtaining that beautiful new smile.