Dental ImplantsAre you missing one or several teeth? Though you might not mind the absence of a single tooth as you can likely still chew, you should know all it takes is one gap in your mouth to compromise your oral health. A missing tooth will eventually cause facial sagging as the adjacent teeth droop on down into the open space. Furthermore, bacteria and other gunk can collect in this space. Meet with your dentist and you will find there are a couple options to replace missing teeth. Dental implants have emerged as the top solution. Here's why.

Dental Implants are Worth the Hype

There is plenty of talk about the merits of dental implants for good reason: these artificial teeth look real and function almost exactly the same as regular teeth. Though dental implants might cost a bit more than other tooth replacement options, they are well worth the money. Nearly every single patient who is provided with dental implants is ecstatic with the results. Furthermore, dentists love dental implants. Implants replace missing or damaged teeth better than other options. These artificial teeth have superior structural integrity. The strength stems from the use of titanium rods attached to the jaw bone. This connection takes upwards of six months to complete. Once the connection is reliable, abutments and crowns are added to make the dental implants look and function like real teeth.

Dental Implants Make Your Smile Look Fantastic

Patients far and wide rave about their dental implants, partially because of how natural they look. Part your lips to reveal your dental implants and no one will have any idea your mouth is laden with fake teeth. In fact, you have likely socialized with several people who have dental implants yet you did not know it. This fact is a testament to how real dental implants look.

Dental Implants are Surprisingly Comfortable

Most people are hesitant to add dentures to their mouth or another tooth replacement option as they are worried about discomfort. Ask anyone who has dental implants about their feel and you will find these artificial teeth are incredibly comfortable. Patients often forget they have dental implants connected to the jaw. They eat, talk, laugh and use their mouth for other purposes without hesitation even though dental implants have replaced natural teeth. The icing on the cake is the fact that dental implants provide considerable support for facial muscles. This is of the utmost importance as the face is likely to sag in areas where teeth are missing.

Dental Implants are a Long-term Solution

Though dental implants require patience and money, they are well worth it. Do not shy away from these artificial teeth just because they have a comparably high price tag and require a couple of months of waiting for the process of osseointegration to occur. If you take proper care of your dental implants, they might last the rest of your life. Most patients are shocked to learn the failure rate of dental implants is well below 5%. In general, those who take good care of their dental implants find these artificial teeth will last an entire decade or longer.

Why Dental Implants are so Reliable

Part of the appeal of dental implants is they are nearly impossible to break. Dental implants are also unlikely to fall out of the mouth, loosen or falter in any other way. This is the reliability you need to eat, drink, talk and laugh in social settings in full confidence. You can truly be yourself without hesitation while donning dental implants. Here is how dental implants work their magic: small titanium screws are surgically inserted into the jaw to function as anchors for dental crowns. These implants serve as a substantial foundation for a subsequent abutment and cap. Patients who are willing to wait the couple of months necessary for the titanium roots to fuse with the jaw bone are rewarded with lovely and functional dental implants for a decade or even several decades to come.

Eat and Drink Whatever You Desire

Dental implants allow you to enjoy just about every type of food and beverage. These artificial teeth chew through food just like normal teeth. So go ahead and scarf down everything from peanut brittle to popcorn, corn on the cob, nuts, cotton candy and beyond. Your dental implants will tear right through each of these foods, breaking them down into small pieces you can digest with ease.

Dental Implants Even Have the Potential to Improve Your Facial Structure

Most people assume dental implants will facilitate the chewing process and improve oral health. Though these statements are true, it is also worth pointing out dental implants can greatly improve the look of your face. When a tooth is lost, the body responds with a process known as resorption. This process occurs as bone is lost along with tissue stemming from the pressure imbalance. Resorption compromises the facial aesthetic. Opt for dental implants and you won't have to worry about resorption. Dental implants ultimately restore the proper level of pressure, facilitate chewing and safeguard tissues and bone near the tooth in question.

The Dental Implant Placement Process is not Painful

Though the placement of dental implants certainly requires some labor, do not assume it will be egregiously painful. Most patients experience minimal, if any, pain during this procedure. The dental implant placement process is surprisingly easy, quick and comfortable. Once the dental implants are in your mouth, you will not have to return to the dentist for subsequent visits aside from your regular 6-month checkups.

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