Invisalign Popular

It’s highly likely that you know at least one or two people who have already benefitted from Invisalign treatment, but it’s also quite likely that you didn’t realize this is the case. This is the beauty of Invisalign and is just one of the reasons why it’s becoming so popular because the aligner technology used to move teeth is virtually invisible. You probably would not even notice if you were talking to someone wearing aligners.

A More Discreet Way to Straighten Teeth

A straighter smile is immediately more appealing but the thought of wearing traditional metal braces can deter some people from seeking this treatment. This is one of the main reasons why Invisalign is becoming so popular because the technology used to move teeth utilizes clear plastic aligners that fit tightly over teeth. These aligners gently apply just the right amount of pressure on teeth, so they gradually move into new positions, just as they would if you wore traditional braces. All you need do is to wear your aligners for 22 hours each day, ideally only removing them for meals and for brushing and flossing. The aligners are exchanged for a new set, every two weeks.

Invisalign is ideal for adults who have always wanted a straighter smile but who never had the chance to wear braces during childhood, or for adults who have seen their teeth shift position with age. It’s also a good option for teenagers who hate the thought of wearing metal braces and who may already feel self-conscious about their appearance.

An Easy Way to Straighten Your Smile

Fixed braces are highly effective, but they can be tricky to keep clean and people wearing conventional fixed braces often need to spend more time cleaning brackets and wires. It’s also necessary to change your eating habits when wearing fixed braces because foods that are very hard or sticky can damage or break them. With Invisalign, there is no need to change your oral hygiene or eating habits because you can simply take out your aligners whenever you want to eat or to brush and floss your teeth. Unlike fixed braces, there are no metal brackets or wires that could stick into your cheeks or gums as instead the aligners are smooth and comfortable to use. You can enjoy all your normal foods, and maintaining excellent oral hygiene is easy, simply by following your normal routine. Although you will need to come and visit us here at Dr. Lance Ogata’s office during your treatment, these appointments should be relatively short because there is no need to adjust brackets or wires. It will simply be a case of assessing your progress and when necessary, providing you with more sets of aligners, so your treatment can continue.

See Your New Smile before Treatment Begins

When you have lived with crooked teeth for years it can be hard to imagine how they will look once fully straightened. Invisalign uses specialized technology to exactly plan how your teeth will move during your treatment. This technology also produces virtual images showing how your teeth will look once properly straightened. Having the opportunity to view these images before treatment even begins is a great way to assess the efficacy of Invisalign, and it’s also quite exciting!

A More Conservative Way to Align Your Teeth

Over the past few years, thanks to the introduction of newer dental technologies, the interest in achieving a more cosmetically perfect smile, including perfectly aligned teeth have considerably increased. Numerous surveys have shown the potential personal and professional advantages of having a more attractive smile. While there are lots of techniques and procedures that can help improve the appearance of your teeth, it’s just as important to think about their long-term health. One conventional technique used to improve the appearance of teeth is to cover up multiple teeth with crowns or dental veneers, helping to straighten and perfect their appearance. However, Invisalign offers a more conservative option that will still provide an excellent treatment outcome.

Although crowns and veneers may be appropriate in certain circumstances, they aren’t right for everybody. When you choose crowns or veneers to improve your smile, your dentist will need to reshape your teeth, and even veneers require a certain amount of tooth structure to be removed from the front of the tooth. Once your teeth are reshaped then they will always need to be protected because the tooth structure that has been removed will never naturally grow back. Another thing people often don’t realize is that all dental restorations need to be periodically replaced as they will not last forever. Also, removing some tooth structure may increase the risk of infection and decay in these teeth, especially if aging restorations begin to leak, letting in disease-causing bacteria. Over time, this could mean that additional tooth structure will need to be removed to eliminate any tooth decay. When you do have crowns or veneers, it is always important to visit your dentist regularly for checkups, so any failing restorations can be replaced before this can happen.

Combining Invisalign with Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Obviously, there may be occasions when you want to combine Invisalign with crowns or veneers, covering up teeth that may be badly stained or damaged and which will benefit from this treatment. However, by choosing Invisalign, it’s highly likely that you will only need just a few crowns or veneers rather than multiple restorations. This is something we can advise you about when you visit us here at Dr. Lance Ogata’s office. Our dentist, Dr. Lance Ogata, can discuss the best way to achieve the outcome you desire while preserving healthy, nicely shaped teeth that just need straightening to improve their appearance.

Invisalign Can Provide Healthy Results That Could Last for Life

Invisalign can be a much healthier and kinder technique for creating a straighter and more cosmetically perfect smile, conserving strong and healthy teeth. It’s true that you will need to spend a little more time straightening your teeth with Invisalign as opposed to using crowns or veneers, but it can be well worth the additional effort. Yet another thing to consider with Invisalign is the potential for improved dental health. Correcting the positions of teeth that may be significantly overcrowded or overlapping can make it easier to brush and floss thoroughly. This will help reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, keeping your natural teeth strong and healthy for longer. With Invisalign, provided you wear your retainers after the completion of treatment, you can look forward to enjoying your newly straightened smile for many years to come and hopefully, for life. If you’re interested in Invisalign in Kahului, Hawaii, don’t hesitate to contact us today!