Invisalign Clear AlignersInvisalign is a highly efficient means of straightening crooked teeth. Perhaps the best part about the Invisalign system is no one knows you are actually using it. Invisalign aligners are completely translucent so those in your vicinity will have no idea your teeth are in the midst of being straightened. This is quite the stark contrast to those metal braces that take months or even years longer to straighten wayward teeth. Though Invisalign cannot correct extreme bite problems as braces can, these invisible aligners move teeth into the perfect position to enhance a patient's smile in a year or less. Alternatively, braces typically take longer to straighten teeth and almost always diminish the patient's confidence.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign aligners1 move teeth into position without causing discomfort or self-consciousness. These completely clear aligners are actually trays that function through a timed and controlled force that gradually shifts teeth to the proper spaces. Your dentist will map out the movement of the teeth and customize your Invisalign aligners to ensure your teeth gradually shift into exactly the right place.

The initial set of aligners should be replaced within a couple weeks at most. Continue to replace your Invisalign aligners with new aligners every two weeks without exception. Maintain this course of treatment and your teeth will move into the ideal position or that much closer to the proper position in a year's time or less.

Why Patients Favor Invisalign Over Regular Braces

Though braces certainly helped patients straighten their crooked teeth in years past, the masses are moving toward Invisalign's superior dental technology. Braces are comparably can be unsightly, take longer to work and is more invasive. Patients wearing braces cannot eat sticky, crunchy or stringy foods.

Life is quite easy for those donning invisible Invisalign aligners. These comfy oral trays are replaced every two weeks to ensure progression and freshness. Invisalign is available for patients of all ages except for young children. A special type of Invisalign is available for teenage patients. Invisalign users rave about the fact that they can remove these corrective trays whenever desired. Furthermore, Invisalign requires fewer visits with the dentist than traditional braces.

What About Invisalign's Cost?

Though conventional braces are usually the cheapest means of straightening teeth, they are unsightly and take longer to work than Invisalign. Opt for Invisalign and you probably won't pay anywhere near what you initially assumed this breakthrough solution would cost. In fact, your dental insurance will likely pay for a substantial portion of the expense. Some dental insurance plans cover the entire cost of Invisalign translucent aligners. Even if you are hesitant to pay a bit more for Invisalign, the slightly higher price is worth every penny as you won't feel self-conscious in the slightest when wearing these clear aligners.

What Happens After Invisalign Treatment?

Once Invisalign aligners have reshaped your smile by shifting your teeth into the perfect position, the dentist will advise the use of a retainer. Both those who use Invisalign clear aligners and those who rely on regular braces will have to use a retainer. Retainers must be worn to prevent teeth from moving right back into the positions they were in before treatment. Some retainers are customized to fit the nuances of the mouth based on an image provided by an initial scan or impression of the teeth. The best retainers are strong and rigid enough to keep the teeth in line and retain its shape upon forceful impact.

If You Have the Will, Invisalign Provides the Way

The bottom line is advances in dental technology have made it possible for patients of all types to enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile. If you are willing to put in a little bit of effort, your crooked teeth can be straightened to form the smile of your dreams. Make the commitment to wear your Invisalign translucent aligners 20 to 22 hours each day and you will notice significant improvements in as soon as a few months. These customized aligners gently move the teeth into perfect alignment in quite the discrete manner. Stick to your Invisalign commitment for a year and you will enjoy a dramatically improved smile you are proud to put on display.

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