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It wasn’t long ago when patients were limited to silver fillings that onlookers could easily spot from a distance. Progressions in dental industry technology have paved the way for the creation of tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite fillings. Silver amalgam fillings certainly served a purpose, yet their time has come and gone. If you have a cavity, do not settle for an unsightly silver filling. Instead, opt for a composite filling that matches the color of your teeth for a gorgeous smile you are proud to show off at work, school and elsewhere.

A Better Outcome as Time Progresses

Composite fillings are carefully bonded to natural teeth after decay is removed. The result is a strong filling that remains in place for a decade, several decades or even longer. Composite fillings are superior to amalgam that does not bond to the natural tooth structure. Dr. Mitrogogos a Sanford dentist says that you are also able to smile more confidently with composite fillings due to them blending with your natural tooth color.

Amalgam fails to develop a bond with teeth, ultimately shrinking and expanding in spite of the fact that the tooth structure remains unaltered. The end result of such an amalgam filling is an area within the tooth where bacteria gathers, spurring that much more decay.

A Visually Symmetrical Smile

The ancient Greeks were obsessed with visual symmetry for good reason. A visually symmetric smile featuring uniform colors from top-to-bottom and side-to-side is easy on the eyes. If you want to look your best when separating your lips to form a smile, choose composite fillings instead of amalgam fillings.

Our composite fillings are personalized to suit the hue of your specific teeth, creating a smile you are proud to present to colleagues, classmates, friends, family, and everyone else throughout the Maui community. Composite is a surprisingly easy material to mold, ultimately empowering our dentist to create a shape that is optimal for the contours of your individual teeth.

Retain Your Natural Tooth Structure

Choose a tooth-colored filling and your natural tooth structure will not be broken apart or otherwise compromised. This filling contains composite resin that safely connects with the teeth, ensuring as much of your natural tooth structure remains fully intact. The same cannot be said of silver amalgam fillings or gold fillings. We provide a conservative approach to cavity treatment in which we prioritize the preservation of the all-important natural tooth structure for continued functionality and health across posterity.

Mercury-Free Fillings You can Feel Good About

The average patient is unaware of the fact that silver fillings contain metal including the dreaded mercury. Such fillings are an amalgam of these metals, meaning a mishmash of metals that form an amalgamation that is supposedly greater than the sum of its parts. However, if you dig deep into the research pertaining to mercury, you will find its vapors are eventually released from the tooth filling, ultimately presenting safety concerns. In contrast, tooth-colored fillings consist of resin that does not pose even the slightest threat to your oral health and beauty.

A Fast and Painless Filling

The procedure necessary to fill a cavity with a composite filling is surprisingly fast and comfortable. If you have a fear of dental procedures or are nervous about such procedures, you will be comforted by the fact that one or several cavities can be filled with a composite filling in an hour or less. Our oral health specialists will provide you with a local anesthetic that numbs your gums as well as the teeth by the area where the treatment is performed.

You will be completely comfortable throughout the filling procedure. However, if you feel slight discomfort, do not hesitate to bring it to our dentist’s attention so the appropriate actions can be taken to help you enjoy a pain-free filling.

Composite Fillings are Suitable for Patients of all Ages

Kids, tweens, and teens are suffering from cavities at a higher frequency than ever before. Sugar-laden foods, energy drinks, sports drinks and soft drinks have never been more popular. If you are in this age range or have a youngster in your family, you should know composite fillings are available to replace decayed portions of teeth. Furthermore, adults and patients with special needs are also eligible for tooth-colored fillings.

Dentists far and wide agree composite fillings are that much easier to position in the mouth, regardless of patient age, as they harden quicker than other fillings. So don’t opt for those ugly and cheap amalgam fillings. Even if an amalgam filling lasts a year or two longer than a composite filling, the risk of mercury exposure combined with the unsightly aesthetic will make you regret the decision.

The Support Necessary to Bite and Chew in Comfort

Wouldn’t it be nice if your new composite filling made it easier for you to bite into food and chew through it without pain or even slight discomfort? It would be even better if the filling safeguarded the tooth against additional decay. Opt for composite fillings and you will enjoy these benefits. Composite fillings protect against diminished stability, enhance tooth strength, and ultimately empower you to bite through every type of food with ease.

Enhanced Confidence

Tooth colored fillings conceal the fact that your teeth were once decayed. Only you, our dentist and our dental hygienists will know your teeth have been filled with composite fillings. This filling blends in with the rest of the tooth structure, creating the impression that there is no filling at all. You can laugh, yawn, speak and eat around others and no one will now you have one or multiple composite fillings in your mouth. This is the attractive and healthy smile restoration you have been looking for.

So don’t resort to those ugly metal fillings from yesteryear. Choose a tooth-colored filling and you will be completely comfortable with the look of your smile the day of the filling, the year ahead and also in the ensuing 10+ years.

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