Teeth WhiteningThere is no shame in admitting your teeth are stained or discolored. If you enjoy chocolate, berries, tea, coffee or wine, your teeth likely have some staining. Do not make the common mistake of attempting to eliminate your tooth stains with alleged teeth whitening solutions sold over-the-counter at your local store. These products rarely work. If these over-the-counter products succeed in whitening the teeth, the stains will almost certainly resurface days, weeks or months later. The better approach is professional teeth whitening.

The Merits of Professional Teeth Whitening: Eliminate Those Deep Stains

There is no sense spending your money on store-bought teeth whitening products several times over for little benefit when professional teeth whitening1 can eliminate those deeply-set stains. Our dentist has the technology, training, and expertise necessary to permanently eradicate deeply-ingrained tooth stains.

Do not settle for a mere elimination of superficial stains. You deserve a clean, white, sparkling smile you are proud to show others. Though your at-home teeth whitening kit might get rid of some of the superficial stains along the uppermost layer of your teeth, you need a more thorough solution. Professional teeth whitening gets right on down to the core of those deep stains to whiten your teeth and ensure your smile proves beautiful for years to come.

A Truly Comprehensive Whitening

The last thing you need is for some of your teeth to look a bright shade of white and others to look discolored and dull. The most appealing smiles have a uniform shade of white from left to right and top to bottom. Our dentist will whiten your teeth to perfection so you can smile widely, eat in front of others without hesitation and generally be yourself in social settings. It is nearly impossible to achieve the same comprehensive teeth whitening with a product purchased at a store.

Our dentist will even consider your unique history of cosmetic dentistry work when whitening your stained and/or discolored teeth. As an example, veneers and crowns typically have to be done after teeth whitening instead of prior to whitening in order to ensure an accurate color match. Perhaps most important is the fact that the teeth whitening agent our dental team uses is significantly stronger than those available in kits sold over-the-counter at local stores. Store-bought teeth whitening products might whiten your teeth upwards of a single shade or two. Our dentist will whiten your teeth to the exact shade of white you desire. We will help you select the perfect hue for your unique skin complexion and other aesthetic features.

Professional Teeth Whitening is Safe

Countless people have attempted a DIY (do it yourself) teeth whitening application at home only to end up harming their gums. If you misapply a store-bought teeth whitening product, you run the risk of it moving to your gums and causing irritation that proves quite painful. This is not the type of project you should attempt to master on your own.

Let our dentist perform your teeth whitening and you won't have to worry about fussing around with at-home whitening strips, gels, and trays. This way, there is no risk of gum irritation or other oral health risks posed by DIY applications. Our dental health professionals know exactly how to protect your gums against irritation that could result from the teeth-whitening agent.

Professional Teeth Whitening is Convenient

Do not be intimidated by the teeth whitening process. It won't take long to whiten your stained or discolored teeth. More importantly, there will be minimal, if any, pain during the whitening process. All you have to do is sit in the treatment chair as the dentist applies the teeth whitening solution to your stained teeth. This procedure will likely prove painless so there is no need to use anesthesia.

There is no recovery period after your teeth are whitened. You can return to your normal daily activities right away. The entire teeth whitening process at our dentist's office will likely take an hour or less. Let us work our teeth whitening magic and you just might look and feel like a totally different person.

Results That Stand the Test of Time

Though no form of teeth whitening will last forever, your teeth will remain a lovely shade of white if you let a professional do the work. Our patients enjoy whitened teeth for months as opposed to the days or weeks of whitening provided by store-bought whitening products. Those who follow our instructions for oral health care will protect their new smile, maximize the bleaching agent and enjoy gorgeous white teeth for the foreseeable future.

When in Doubt, Ask Our Expert

As is often said, the quickest and best way to learn something is to ask someone who is in-the-know. There is no sense attempting to learn the subtleties of teeth whitening on your own with a whitening product purchased at the local store when our dentist is available. A teeth whitening session will not cost much or take up a significant amount of time. You can pick our dentist's brain before, during and after your teeth whitening session. If you have any questions or concerns about teeth whitening or oral health, this is your opportunity to ask questions. We encourage patients to pose questions, raise concerns and have a meaningful discussion with our dental team.

Our dentist will also evaluate your oral health and determine what the underlying cause of your tooth staining/discoloration really is. Severe tooth decay, the consumption of dark-hued beverages and foods and a number of other causes can lead to significant tooth staining. If you do not meet with our dentist, you will have no way of knowing if your diet, lack of oral health care or something else is the true cause of your tooth stains.

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