Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy

There will likely come a point in time when you suffer gum deterioration. The gums are quite formidable and resilient yet they are not completely infallible. From gingivitis to gum line recession, periodontitis, and beyond, there are plenty of things that can go wrong with the gums. Gum issues typically start with general soreness and/or slight bleeding. Fail to proactively address your gum problems after such signs arise and you just might suffer a nasty infection, tooth loss, and even a significant health decline.

Progressions in dental technology have paved the way for new ways to treat gum disease. Instead of strictly performing gum flap surgery along with scaling and root planing, dentists are now using laser-assisted periodontal therapy. Below, we provide a look at the merits of this breakthrough dental technology.

Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy Keeps Gum Bleeding to a Minimum

Laser periodontal therapy does not cause much bleeding. The laser rapidly cauterizes sections where gum tissue has been vaporized or removed. The minor bleeding that has the potential to occur will be stopped right away.

Gum Tissue Preservation

Dentists across the globe are quite thankful for the superior precision provided by lasers. There is no sense using manual instruments when lasers are available. Laser-assisted periodontal therapy is not as invasive of a surgery so there’s no need to worry about cutting or losing a significant amount of periodontal tissue.

A Shorter Recovery Time

Gums heal quickly after laser surgery. This comparably short recovery time ultimately helps you return to work and your life as usual that much faster than would be possible with the more conventional approaches to treating gum disease. Though there will be slight soreness, it won’t last and your mouth will make its way back to normal.

Laser Therapy Facilitates Scaling and Planing

Most people are surprised to learn laser technology has progressed to the point that it facilitates scaling and root planning. Dentists use laser therapy in the form of an adjunct method to perform a precise and comprehensive cleaning.

An Affordable Procedure

The cost of laser-assisted periodontal therapy will not zap your savings. The cost of this therapy is typically the same or even less than that of techniques that do not use lasers. The devices used to create and control the laser are certainly more expensive yet there isn’t a need for as much medication or repeated trips to the dentist’s office. Add in the fact that your dental insurance is likely to cover all or some of the cost of laser-assisted periodontal therapy and there is even more reason to favor it over more traditional methods.

Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy Removes Cavities

Most patients are surprised to learn laser-assisted periodontal therapy removes cavities in addition to treating periodontal issues. The same laser is used for both purposes. The laser cuts away the damaged section of the tooth with the utmost precision, ensuring the majority of your natural tooth remains in place.

Keep in mind, gum disease typically spurs tooth decay so patients often suffer from both. It is mutually beneficial for you, the patient, as well as our team to address both of these oral health issues in unison through laser-assisted periodontal therapy.

Say Goodbye to Drill Noise, Pain, and Vibration

Laser-assisted periodontal therapy directly addresses gum problems without making you uncomfortable. If you dread going to the dentist’s office as a result of a painful, noisy, or otherwise uncomfortable experience, you are not alone. Plenty of people have suffered through discomfort, annoying noise from dental drills, and vibrations at the dentist’s office and refuse to return for an entire year, several years, or indefinitely.

Our oral health experts would like all such patients to know we perform laser-assisted periodontal therapy that does not produce noise, vibrations, pain, or anything else that might cause you discomfort or annoyance. Lasers don’t produce the same vibrations or heat as drills that often cause discomfort. Rather, lasers are a high-tech dental solution that are highly accurate, quick, and quite comfortable.

The Comfortable Dental Care You Deserve

Traditional gum treatments and procedures typically require the use of a general anesthetic. If you are like most people, you aren’t exactly enthusiastic about a needle being poked into your mouth to minimize your pain during dental procedures or treatments. There is no need to use a general anesthetic before laser-assisted periodontal therapy is performed.

Beautiful Teeth and Gums

Your smile is an essential component of your identity as well as the first impressions you make on others. Conventional periodontal surgery requires that the gums be cut away to expose the lower section of periodontal pockets where bacteria grows. The procedure can cause gum recession and leave roots exposed, compromising what should have been a beautiful smile.

Consistent Results

Laser-assisted periodontal therapy is minimally invasive yet produces consistent results patients and dentists love. This therapy thwarts periodontal bacteria, promoting the re-growth of gum tissue, providing a natural and healthy smile that looks amazing in the decades to come.

Add in the fact that laser-assisted periodontal therapy does not cause the loss of healthy bone tissue or gum tissue as occurs with conventional surgery and there is even more reason to use it. Every patient should be aware of the fact that the loss of healthy gum tissue causes the roots of the teeth to be exposed, making the teeth that much more sensitive, ultimately heightening the odds of decay.

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