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Most people have some knowledge of dental crowns yet the majority are unaware of the merits of CEREC crowns or even what this acronym stands for. Fret not, as our oral health specialists are here to explain CEREC crowns in plain English all patients can understand without DDS credentials. Let’s take a look at what CEREC crowns are really all about and why they are becoming increasingly popular as time progresses.

The Acronym of CEREC

CEREC is an acronym that is short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. In short, these words describe a computerized system that relies on CAD. CAD is yet another acronym that stands for computer-aided design. This computerized design is used to make the materials necessary for dental restoration. Such technology designs the dental crowns as well as other restorations ranging from implants to dentures, inlays, onlays, fixed bridges, and veneers.

CEREC crowns consist of durable ceramic. The crown is made on-site with computer-assisted tech for precise measurements and design. All in all, the CEREC creation process is completed in one visit to our dental practice, meaning you can transition back to work or other responsibilities with a lovely new CEREC crown in your mouth.

The Procedure Necessary for a CEREC Crown

The CREC crown process is nothing to fear. The dentist will examine and prepare your teeth to get a sense of whether you are a suitable candidate for such a crown. The dentist will gauge whether you have sufficient tooth structure in your mouth to accommodate a CEREC crown. Each of your options will be detailed in simple terms, setting the stage for the dentist to add your preferred crown.

A digital impression of your mouth is taken with an intraoral camera. The software then develops the digital images to replicate the surface of the tooth. These pictures are used by the software to combine the images for a three-dimensional model of the tooth.

Milling generates the custom dental crown that is ideal for your unique mouth. The milling process does not result in a tooth that looks distinct. Rather, your crown will look similar to the rest of your natural teeth as it is created from a ceramic block that matches the aesthetic hue of your teeth. The milling of the crown typically takes about 15 minutes.

Choose a CEREC crown and the damaged tooth will be carefully prepared to permit crown accommodation. The dentist anesthetizes the site, eliminates decay, and also addresses tooth tissue that has weakened. The area is dried and prepared for the addition of the CEREC crown. Our dentist will guarantee the CEREC crown is the optimal fit that ultimately empowers you to chew through food without obstruction or pain. The crown is polished and cemented to the tooth for comprehensive bonding.

Why CEREC Crowns are Becoming More Popular

Traditional crowns require the use of a temporary crown. This temporary is positioned over the tooth to safeguard it while the permanent crown is made. Alternatively, the CEREC crown procedure does not require the use of a temporary crown. Add in the fact that the CEREC process is completed in one visit to our dental practice and it is that much easier to understand why it is so popular.

Dentists and dental hygienists rave about CEREC crowns as there is no need to take messy dental impressions. Rather, the digital impressions of the teeth are made with a three-dimensional model. This means there is no need to attempt to replicate the shape and alignment of teeth with messy dental plaster. Rather, the CEREC machine does all the work, meaning there is no need for those uncomfortable and obtrusive impression trays.

If you are like most people, you are self-conscious about your personal aesthetic. Though onlookers might be able to tell you have a regular crown in your mouth, no one will know you are using a CEREC crown. This unique crown does not have any type of unsightly metal core as used in other crowns. CEREC crowns look quite natural and blend in perfectly with the surrounding teeth.

Beautify Your Smile Line

CEREC Crowns ultimately protect teeth along the all-important smile line, replicating the aesthetic of actual teeth. The design of CEREC crowns continues to improve with each passing day. Though an all-metal crown might last longer than a CEREC crown, the masterminds behind CEREC prioritize aesthetics for good reason. These restorations are mainly used in the smile line displayed when parting your teeth to smile, yawn, laugh or talk in social settings.

CEREC Crowns Stand the Test of Time

Wouldn’t it be nice if your teeth had crowns that lasted upwards of a dozen years or even 15 years? CEREC crowns do exactly that, holding strong for a full decade and a half or even longer. If your primary concern is function as opposed to form, CEREC’s merits cannot be denied. These crowns hold strong even when chewing through sticky and hard food. So don’t assume CEREC crowns have lower quality simply because they are made in one visit. This tooth restoration is as reliable as it gets.

Continue to schedule six-month appointments at our practice and your CEREC crowns might last even longer than 12-15 years. Aside from meeting with our dentist at least once every six months, you can do your part to extend your CEREC crown’s lifespan by being proactive with DIY cleanings at home. The best way to extend the lifespan of your CEREC crowns is eating healthy and maintaining optimal oral hygiene through regular flossing and brushing. Ideally, your CEREC crowns and natural teeth will be flossed and brushed after each meal. At a bare minimum, we recommend flossing and brushing at least two times per day, every single day without exception.

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